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  • During these uncertain times we are still open for business. It is critically important to maintain distribution services of crucial supplies where they are needed the most. Wilcox Desk Top is a key supplier of a large range of products in categories that include PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Cleaning & Hygiene, Facilities, Furniture, Technology, Stationery and Consumables; many of which have already been identified as critical by the government during this crisis.

Should you have any enquiries/orders please contact us by Phone or Email or you can order online at www.wilcoxdesktoponline.co.uk.

  • Are you looking to protect your workforce? We have a wide range of Covid safety products. Contact us for our latest pricing

  • Back ache? We can supply you with Physio approved Task chairs.


Being Green has just been made easier with our extensive range of environmentally friendly products.

Everyone knows the importance of recyclying and more and more people are recycling produce in the home such as glass, paper, cans and cardboard, but there is so much more we can do in the workplace by recycling and using products made from recyled materials. Not only will this give us a real sense of satisfaction knowing we are doing something for the environment, it is really easy once you've got into the habit. Every product that we recylce and every recycled item we buy, makes a difference. Choose your office products carefully by looking out for the different logos.

Call for our latest catalogue or order online.